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Time-honoured knowledge, wisdom and stories passed down through generations; transcending space and time, to connect hearts and minds.


For as long as she can remember, Lore founder Anna Burke has been fascinated by indigenous cultures, and their deep connection with the natural world. Having spent her youth travelling the globe, Anna found herself drawn to tribal-inspired accessories.

Where high-street jewellery lacked substance, these adornments were enduring symbols of age-old knowledge, created to guide, ground and inspire.

As her collection grew, Anna became keen to share her passions with the world. In 2012, she created an online platform offering cultural and meaningful pieces from emerging designers across the globe. Lore — then named Apache Rose — was born. 

Founder of Lore Jewellery Anna Burke
Lore Jewellery Directors


Since then, LORE has developed into a carefully-curated designer jewellery boutique, offering striking creations from every corner of the world. We’ve sold over 3,000 pieces from 17 international designers across 5 continents — and we’re still growing. 

In 2019 we welcomed Annabel Zicker into the Lore family. As well as sharing Anna’s innate love of jewellery, Annabel’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for positive social impact made her the perfect partner for the next stage of our journey.



Much has happened in the decade since we began. We’ve changed our name and grown our team. We’re a little older and (we hope!) a little wiser. But our ethos remains the same. 

We still champion sustainable and unique designer talent from around the globe. We still design & curate every item we sell for its enduring quality and beauty. And we still do everything we can to promote harmony and protect our precious living planet.

Lore Jewellery Our Story
Lore Jewellery Founders


Today, our mission is to show the world that fashion can be more meaningful.

Since our foundation, we’ve been curating pieces not just for their beauty, but for the story they tell. Our jewellery is designed to bring harmony and balance; to nurture a deeper connection with the self, nature and the elements. To reflect what’s important to you. 

As we enter the next chapter of our story, we want to honour yours. And we can’t wait to share our journey with you.

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