Lore Founder Anna Burke

Founder, Designer

Anna Burke

This is Anna. Entrepreneur, nature-lover, designer, parent, seasoned traveller, and the founder of LORE. Anna has always loved jewellery. Throughout her youth travelling the world, she searched local markets and stalls for hidden gems —  handcrafted pieces with a story to tell.

Anna began curating unique jewellery designs. Using inspiration from indigenous cultures, particularly that of the native tribes of North America, Anna’s pieces were not only strikingly beautiful but drew the wearer into the spiritual meaning hidden within. 

By 2012, LORE was created. Formerly Apache Rose, LORE became Anna’s opportunity to share her passion with the world. Anna uses beautiful jewellery pieces as a form of self expression, identity and storytelling. Her vision for LORE is to offer sustainable, meaningful jewellery from hand-picked international designers.

For Anna, LORE is uniquely small in a world of big. 

Director, Curator

Annabel Zicker

This is Annabel: designer, visionary, parent, reflective listener, and LORE’s latest addition to the team.

Annabel’s story is that of corporate success. Raised in Malta, Annabel moved to London to enjoy a successful career in banking spanning two decades.

But Annabel knew this wasn’t enough. Taking a holistic approach to her wellbeing, she stepped back from big business and refocused her energies on creating lifestyles focused on personal wellbeing. 

Having trained as a life coach, Annabel enjoyed working alongside small businesses whilst running her own. It was through these interactions that Annabel realised her passion for helping others and engaging with social change. 

Annabel met Anna in 2018. It soon became clear that both shared the same passion and values for sustainability and spiritual growth. Annabel’s love of vintage jewellery and passion for social impact made her the perfect fit for LORE, and the two joined forces in 2020. 

Lore Director Annabel Zicker