December’s New Moon Brings Opportunities for Optimistic Change

 ‘The sun sees your body. The moon sees your soul.’

Gaze up to the skies on 4th December, and your eyes will be met with a silent darkness as the new moon rises. The new moon celebrates the rebirth of the moon’s cycle, the story of which is told beautifully in Wanderlust’s stunning La Papesse tarot necklace. 

La Papesee Tarot Necklace by Wanderlust + Co

What is a New Moon?

A new moon is the first of eight lunar phases. Barely visible, It’s the ultimate symbol of fresh starts and new beginnings, especially with some lunar calendars, such as the Chinese calendar, using the new moon to signify a new month in the year. 

The new moon ties in closely with alchemy, particularly with the ouroboros symbol which represents rebirth and the never ending circle of life. Pichulik depicts this wonderfully with a modern day take on the iconic serpent in their hand woven earrings. 

Pichulik Ouroboros Earrings

A Time of Change

What’s special about December’s new moon is that it brings with it the Sagittarian spirit. The Sagittarius is a gentle warrior; one that is unafraid to fight to make positive change. 

December’s new moon is a time of transformation. That’s why transformative malachite is commonly worn during this time of year, Pichulik’s garland hoop earrings with vibrant and almost mesmerising malachite beads are ideal for festive parties and gatherings. 

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with the holiday season, it can be very easy to forget about December’s new moon and the opportunities for optimistic change it brings. We must be proactive in connecting with these powerful lunar energies and practicing self love and care techniques to protect wellbeing during times of change.

We love Ananda Soul’s matching set of quartz earrings and necklace, which can help provide some much needed mental clarity during these periods of great change. 

Ananda Soul Shoot For The Moon Rose Quartz Necklace

The Spiritual Significance of December’s New Moon

Unlike other new moons, the one that’s set to rise on December 4th will bring with it an almost total solar eclipse, with some parts of the world being plunged into complete darkness. Due to the particular positioning of the sun and moon, a number of South Pacific Islands will experience a blackout, while some parts of Africa and Australia will instead find an almost calming and peaceful shadow from a partial blocking of light. 

The significance of this solar eclipse is huge. Eclipses can upset the natural balance of the earth, and it’s not unusual to feel quite uneasy or unsettled during these events. 

It’s a good idea to have some self love rituals planned for early December to help counteract the disruption of the solar eclipse and keep you grounded during these transitional astrological times. Some excellent, grounding techniques include:

  • Meditation to remain connected to yourself
  • Journaling to document your feelings
  • Lighting a candle to counteract the darkness
  • Taking walks in nature to merge with the earth

Self Love Rituals For New Moon December 2021

Gazing Beyond the New Moon

The new moon lasts for just a single night, replaced the following day with the waxing crescent moon. Reflecting just the tiniest sliver of light from the sun’s surface, the crescent moon is a symbol of guidance and new beginnings. 

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