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Apache Rose Evolves Into Lore

After a decade as Apache Rose, our brand has evolved. We’re incredibly excited to introduce to you our new name and brand overhaul, LORE. Through our 10 years as Apache Rose, we’ve learned a lot about jewellery but our intentions and message have endured; curating jewellery with meaning. LORE in itself is imbued with meaning. And that’s exactly what inspires each and every one of our new collections. Consciously designed and crafted jewellery with a meaning behind it that makes it that much more special. 

We’d love to tell you a little more about LORE.

Meaningful stories, lessons, myths and traditions through the journey of life, LORE represents everything we are trying to embody with our brand. The perfect word to explain the story-telling of our curated jewellery collections, it couldn’t be more ‘us’. Since the beginning of mankind, jewellery has been created to mean something. Whether that be a symbol of luck, an emblem of guidance and protection or a representation of love. And through LORE’s carefully selected conscious designers and handpicked jewellery pieces, you’ll see the only trend we follow is to ensure that every piece has intention, meaning and the perfect story.

Our Designers

Our designers make LORE what it is. We believe that stories are magic. And our aim with LORE is to create a space that allows you to explore your own stories through the beautiful conscious jewellery that our designers create. We’ve chosen pieces that will hold personal significance in your life story as well as allow you to celebrate your unique style and soul purpose, freeing you with absolute self-expression.

While our designers have a lot in common, each comes with a unique sense of style and aesthetic. With beautifully crafted charm jewellery from Goddess Charms, Bali-based conscious jewellery from Ananda Soul and stunning coloured stone and diamond jewellery from Joubi, there really is something for everyone. Discover zodiac and celestial pieces from the stunning Wanderlust + Co collections, find exceptional sculptural jewellery from Cape Town from Pickulik and embrace modern romance with Lover’s Tempo. Azuni creates tribal and ancient detail inspired jewellery to empower women while Enamel Copenhagen keeps its aesthetic clean and minimal. Catori effortlessly blends crystals and stones with a modern and on-trend approach that helps you to remember to believe in yourself every single day.

The LORE Values 

Our values are at the heart of the LORE story – and one of the reasons we made the decision to embrace how the brand has evolved and give ourselves a whole new look. Sustainability is so important to us. While we want to express ourselves and tell our life stories through our jewellery, it’s also crucial to us to ensure we’re taking the best care of the planet around us. Each of our designers sits perfectly with these values. 


We are intricately connected to each other, the Earth and all it's species. We deepen these connections to both self and other through enduring collections, uniting hearts and minds.


We nurture harmony and balance for our planet in all our actions. We aim to bring beauty and equanimity to the lives we touch.


We celebrate uniqueness, empowering you to choose symbolic pieces that resonate with your own life experiences.


We revere ancient knowledge passed down through the ages. We show respect and love in all we do, and demonstrate gratitude for what we have.


The jewellery you wear is a celebration of who you are. We offer a space, free from judgement or expectation, where you can be authentically you.

With ten years of experience and thousands of pieces sold as Apache Rose, we are delighted to introduce to you our new look and we can’t wait for you to explore the newly crafted world of LORE.

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LORE noun [U]
Time-honoured knowledge, wisdom and stories passed down through the ages; transcending space and time to connect hearts, minds and generations.