The Meaning Behind The Lore Emblem

Lore Jewellery Emblem

We created our logo to represent the soul of our brand and collections.

Bringing meaning and beauty to the everyday…. our collections allow our customers to discover jewellery that embodies a deep sense of themselves. And our logo had to reflect this. Significant, meaningful and sustainable, the logo balances celestial inspiration with the heart of Lore, storytelling. 

Our centre circle represents the sun and in that, the act of cycles and rebirth. The sun is our force of life, feulling the abundance and biodiversity of our planet. Without it, nothing would exist. Sitting inside the circle is our symbol of scales to show the balance and harmony that we endeavour to reflect in our actions as a brand. But even more so, the balance of life itself. Our planet and its species desperately crave balance and harmony in every way. And finding a route back towards this is humanity's biggest challenge.

The semi-circle which groups the logo as one symbolises the moon, a feminine icon, to embody the phases of the lunar cycle and a deeper enlightenment. In the centre, you’ll also see our pyramid, representing a sacred lore. A story told by each of us, remembered forever and passed on through generations.

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LORE noun [U]
Time-honoured knowledge, wisdom and stories passed down through the ages; transcending space and time to connect hearts, minds and generations.