Introducing The Lore Wisdom Series - A Reclamation of Ancient Wisdom

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of our brand new LORE Wisdom Series. We will be offering 12 x wisdom teachings from a range of expert facilitators. This series is brought to you in collaboration with Mrs Flower Media - an agency of global facilitators and healers.

These wisdom carriers will be sharing video teachings, guided meditations and inspirational written pieces, all within our 4 brand pillars:

  • Balance of Harmony
  • Pyramid & Sacred Lore
  • Sun, Death & Rebirth
  • Moon, Lunar Cycles
LORE Wisdom Series

Sun Death & Rebirth

This segment of the series will look at wisdom from facilitators who have journeyed with an understanding of the sun’s cycle with its life giving abundance, allowing life to flourish, revered by first peoples and what it means to die and be -reborn, and that everything birthed anew must come full circle.

It'll also look at the cycle of death & rebirth as a means of returning to the underworld and finding light in re-emergence.

Explored through a lens of humanity, but also through the feminine, Death & Rebirth is an honouring of that which we give to the soil to unearth anew.

Balance of harmony

Balance and harmony is a segment of the series where we explore what it means to find rhythm and balance to cultivate space for ourselves in our well-being whilst also holding space for others.

The segment will cover many topics around balance and include resources that can support bringing our souls back to a space of harmony and equanimity.

Moon: Lunar Cycles

Lunar Cycles are how we connect to the moon to return to our inner knowing

Seeing the lunar as a guiding compass of connection to our truest nature, we are guided through a variety of different facilitator's take on the lunar mapping and supported in learning how we can reflect on each moon phase (Waning, Waxing, Full Moon, New Moon) to find meaning for the contrasting phases of our own life.

Honouring each chapter of the lunar cycle, we learn how to tap into our body's intuitive power, trusting in how it's connected to the vastness of the lunar.

Lunar wisdom is an awareness that we can opt into to cultivate an acceptance, knowing and trust that just like the moon we too have our shifts and our expansions and that we can trust in this multidimensionality and allow time to for rest as much as creation.

Pyramid & Sacred Lore

Recognising the soul expansion and wisdom offered in physical spaces such as the temple and Pyramid, this segment of the series is where we explore the various ancient pearls of wisdom in the tribes that gathered at the temple: both the feminine and masculine.

We explore through each facilitator the wisdom of awakening and transformation and how this comes through from both the physical and metaphoric 'temple' and archetypes that have honoured these temples throughout time in the divine feminine.

In this segment we reclaim the importance of sacred lore, celebrating the stories and testimonies that have for a long time offered us a trusted meaning of what it means to be part of a soul family, lineage and legacy.

The LORE Wisdom Series will launch on our instagram page, the first one streaming LIVE on Monday 26th September at 8pm BST. We will be delving into the beautiful teaching 'You Are The Temple' by DeAnna Carpenter. Make sure you are following us so you don't miss out!

All images in this post are brought to you by: Thais Aquino Photography from her beautiful Soul Portraits Collection.

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LORE noun [U]
Time-honoured knowledge, wisdom and stories passed down through the ages; transcending space and time to connect hearts, minds and generations.