LORE Wisdom Series - You Are The Temple

This September, we release our ongoing LORE Wisdom Series. A series of wisdom offerings in collaboration with @mrsflowersmedia and 12 facilitators of holistic, spiritual and physical wellbeing, through the lens of our 4 pillars:

- The Sun / Death & Rebirth
- Balance of Harmony
- Moon & Lunar Cycles
- Pyramid & Sacred Lore

For our first episode of the series, DeAnna Carpenter reflects on the sacred phrase ‘You Are The Temple’ that she experienced moving through her in her work and spiritual path. DeAnna’s wisdom offering for LORE surrounds the sacred understanding of connecting to our own inner temple.

Watch DeAnna's video here:

DeAnna provides and absolutely beautiful guided meditation to accompany this video offering. Click below to receive access to this by email.

A written reflection from DeAnna's teaching:

We are in a time of human evolution where it has become clearer that what we are searching for is found within. As we enter the early degrees of the Age of Aquarius, the once individual and collective need to look to another, to look outside of ourselves for guidance, direction, and answers is shifting. The need for external validation is being replaced with a deep desire and yearning for self-knowledge, self-realization, and self-actualization. We are remembering that right where we are is the sacredness we once traveled near and far to find and experience. 

There is a passage in the Gnostic poem The Hymn of the Pearl that says, “Go down into the land of bondage and recover the pearl that is there.” Upon reading this poem, one will realize that the pearl is the soul, and the land of bondage is the physical form, or body, that the soul is dormant in. It is up to each of us to remember that pearl, excavate that pearl, and awaken that pearl to its magnificence. Our external surroundings give us clues to where we are on our respective journeys and yet the truest and highest journey has and will always be the one within – the one that unlocks the magnitude and brilliance of our soul, our essence, our expression. The highest journey is the one that illuminates our Nature.

It is human tendency to believe and feel that there is something for us to get. And whatever it is that we believe we need to get is often something that is outside of ourselves. I’ve since come to remember and realize that life is not about getting, it is about allowing. Life is about allowing what is already here, what is right where we are, to come forward. Life is about allowing and giving ourselves permission to be that which we already are – to be that which we seek. Life is about uncovering the truth that we are complete, lacking nothing, and allowing ourselves to move and choose from that space of wholeness and completion. People and places cannot give us what isn’t already within. They can only reflect and mirror back to us who we are and who we believe ourselves to be. 

You are the temple. You are the sacred space. You are the healing. You are that which has been cut out and set aside (which is the etymology of the word temple) for divinity, excellence, celebration, and restoration. The grandest and most brilliantly designed temples and wonders of the world only serve as physical reminders to who and what you are. They serve as a testament to what is possible when the carnal mind rises to the Divine Mind. They sing to us in such a glorious and opulent way the magic that is created when we are an instrument for and of Divine Inspiration. 

You are that which you seek. You are that which others seek and come to so that they, too, may remember their Nature. You are the temple – sacred, holy, respected, cherished, adored, loved – because right where you are, God/Source/Creator/Love is. You are the temple for All That Is, All That Was, and All That Shall Be. 

Remember this. Know this. Allow this.

Lore Wisdom Series

Lead image credit: Thais Aquino Photography from her beautiful Soul Portraits Collection.

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