LORE Wisdom Series - A Ritual For Release

In this episode of the Wisdom series, Yana Dzedze offers us a ritual to let go of what is no longer serving our soul and highest essence. Supported by the elements, this ritual is an act of faith in trusting that once we let go and allow the inner winter to come forth that which is meant for our soul’s essence will come towards us.

This is the third instalment of our ongoing LORE Wisdom Series. A series of wisdom offerings in collaboration with @mrsflowersmedia and 12 facilitators of holistic, spiritual and physical wellbeing, through the lens of our 4 brand pillars:

- The Sun / Death & Rebirth
- Balance of Harmony
- Moon & Lunar Cycles
- Pyramid & Sacred Lore

Yana Fay Dzedze is a change-maker, narrator and creative writer with a poetic edge. Experienced in crafting short stories to capture lessons and wisdom for those who seek it, she puts words to feelings that are universal and articulates life in a way that helps people to feel seen and heard. She cradles and champions creativity and unhindered self-expression. Yana supports change-makers, artists and mystics to revive a sense of emotional well-being and creative flow as they fully bring themselves to the world. The place where art, mysticism and personal life meet is where you’ll find her.

Inspired by the ethos of Lore as a brand, Yana has also crafted and recorded a fictional story about ‘The People of Lore.’ We invite you to get cozy, sit back, and soak in this beautiful piece as it takes you on a golden journey, deeper into our Wisdom Series. To access this (and the other guided meditations from the LORE Wisdom Series) sign up below and the link with recordings will be emailed to you.

LORE Wisdom Series Audio Meditations
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