Why we wont be taking part in Black Friday this year.

For our beloved customers, we'd like to let you know why we won't be partaking in any Black Friday sales this year. Every year we reflect on this question and we tend to always come back to the same conclusion.

We are living through hugely transitional times and everywhere that we look we are receiving significant signs from Mother Nature that our habits as humans need to change. The world we live in is consistently characterised by mass consumption and waste. We have constant exposure to advertising that leads us to believe that we need to buy more in order to feel fulfilled and happy. Black Friday is the extreme manifestation of this old narrative. This type of blind consumption sits at the very opposite end of the spectrum to where we feel we belong as a brand.

Lore Jewellery FoundersAt LORE our main mission is to make fashion more meaningful. The pieces that we offer are imbued with meaning. They carry a story, whether that be how they came into being (through ancient craft techniques steeped in tradition) or what they come to represent to you, the wearer. We believe that our pieces should be contemplated before they are purchased, to allow you the chance to find the perfect piece, wherever you may be in your life journey. In turn, these become keepsakes that hold deep significance and perhaps even become heirlooms passed down the generations one day.

We believe that purchasing in this way holds deep value, not only for the person buying but for the entire community that's involved in the making, and for Mother Earth herself. Every time you buy with us, we plant 1 tree, capture 1 plastic bottle from the ocean, and offset 1kg of carbon, thanks to our wonderful partnership with Greenspark (read more about this on our sustainability page). So our dream to one day become a net positive brand continues to evolve and draw ever closer.

Lore Jewellery Imbued with MeaningWe are aware that some of the brands that we stock will be holding Black Friday sales, but if you are based in the UK, we'd invite you to consider that if these brands are internationally based, you will still need to pay a 20% import duty charge on the shipment, and will most likely have to pay for any returns back to the country if you do change your mind. Our free shipping and free returns policy offers a no quibble process for you to experience these pieces in the flesh, to make sure they are right for you before you commit. Plus there is the added impact your order will make via our Earth positive impact initiatives (as outlined above). What's more you will be supporting a small brand who has a big vision to be something a little bit different to anything else that's currently out there.

None of this is to say that we won't ever partake in any sales or offers across our site, so the best way to stay informed of these is to sign up to our mailing list in the footer of the website and be the first to know!

We thank you for your understanding and support.

Warm wishes,

Anna & Annabel
LORE Creators.

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