LORE Wisdom Series - Sun, Death & Rebirth

In this episode of the LORE Wisdom Series, Britt Guimond focuses on womens' full-season cycles and how we experience a very direct Cycle Of Life within us, which brings us into complete harmony with the rythmic cycles that we see in the natural world around us. 

This is the second instalment of our ongoing LORE Wisdom Series. A series of wisdom offerings in collaboration with @mrsflowersmedia and 12 facilitators of holistic, spiritual and physical wellbeing, through the lens of our 4 brand pillars:

- The Sun / Death & Rebirth
- Balance of Harmony
- Moon & Lunar Cycles
- Pyramid & Sacred Lore

A written reflection from Britt:

Though many aspects of our current culture may have us forget this… We are all part of a Great Eco-System! We may look up at the profound galaxy above us and see ourselves as other, when it is actually the complete opposite! When we trace back to our many diverse origins worldwide, we see mythos, religions and cultures that were once centred around the Sun & Moon, and the cycles they brought forth. Ceremonies and Rituals were held to support us, in too, accessing these polarities within and deepening our connection with Earth & Spirit. 

As women, we have a very direct Cycle of Life within our own bodies. Many of us bleed (our Inner Winter or Dark Moon Phase), which then brings us into the other 3 cycles, completely mirroring the 4 Seasons of Earth. 

When we reclaim this truth and create our own rituals to honour every season, we see how essential and beautiful every phase is. 

When we honour our ‘Dark Phase’ or ‘Inner Winter’ within, we can offer sacred death to whatever must die; nourishing within the cooling soils and preparing for what is next to birth. 

When we offer devotion to our ‘Light Phase’ or ‘Inner Summer’, we can offer life-force and solar energy to whatever is ready to LIVE. We can see the vast beauty of our womanhood, mirrored within our planetary consciousness. 

The deeper we commune with it, the deeper our body wisdom speaks out to us in these old ways. 

Britt Guimond LORE Sun, Death, Rebirth

“Her (Womb, Mother Earth) wisdom and ways of working are beyond what our localized understandings can perceive. She is a guiding force, a portal of transmutation, a generous mirror of whatever patterns we find ourselves in within our external life… and beyond.

Being in communion with womb is maturing into our own inner mother, as we permeate a bed of trust for whatever is next to birth or die off.

Because of the culture most of us have been raised within, it can often feel daunting to start holding presence with such a central aspect of our womanhood…

But the more we commune with this power centre, the more at home we feel in our essence & truth.

The more we trust our bodies are working FOR us.

The more rooted and safe we feel on earth.

The more approval we have for our humanity and others”.

Britt Guimond Sun, Death, Rebirth

Audio Meditation to accompany this teaching:

Britt provides and absolutely beautiful guided meditation to accompany this video offering. Click below to receive access to this by email.

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