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"Jewellery is a form of self expression and I love choosing pieces that tell a story. I love the process of selecting my jewellery for the day and feel naked without it. It’s almost like a form of armour, bringing me strength and joy"

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Azuni Founder

"One of the main attraction to tribal cultures is their ability to survive with the resources they have around them. Honing down their skills to create practical and functional everyday objects by hand often created using a single or limited materials but beautifully crafted"

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"I love choosing pieces that represent something to me. Im attracted to keepsakes that will stay with me forever, reminding me of key times in my life that feel like they should be marked"

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With jewellery collections inspired by beautiful stories spanning miles and millennia, we hope you’ll find something here that resonates with your own...

The Meaning of the LORE EMBLEM

We created our emblem to represent the soul of our brand and collections. Designed and curated meticulously to allow our customers the chance to discover jewellery that embodies a deep sense of themselves, we needed a logo to reflect this. Significant, meaningful and sustainable, the logo balances celestial inspiration with the heart of Lore, storytelling.

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