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Hello Pichulik Africa!!  The latest designer to hit the Lore virtual boutique is the incredible South African based jewellery designer Pichulik.  Its no secret that here at Lore we have a penchant for jewellery of a tribal nature, and that's why I simply couldn't help myself when I stumbled across this incredible designer on instagram.  With clear inspiration drawn from  traditional African tribal jewellery design, but given a fresh and contemporary twist, these pieces are striking, elegant and hand-made to an exceptional level of quality. Pichulik founder, Katherine-Mary is based from her Cape Town studio, where she creates her eclectic collections using a mixture of ropes, twines and other interesting materials that she finds on a day to day basis.  "The whole ethos of the Pichulik brand is the alchemy of transforming everyday materials, and through touch and craft design, elevating them in to something precious and covetable. As a result, the women wearing these pieces are inspired to be courageous and powerful".

Here we spend 5 minutes talking to Katherine-Mary to find out a little more about where the inspiration for Pichulik comes from.

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs from? Ornamentation- across continents since the neolithic period have been used to mark initiations, gather community, pass on worth and meaning across lineages. Pichulik is inspired by this sacred medium - and wishes to bring back this reverence to contemporary design.The underlying Vision of Pichulik- is to use jewelry as a conduit for knowledge share and aggregating women through storytelling. Each collection we distill a message, a narrative that encourages at its core- self discovery, introspection, self love and acceptance. 


What other designers are you inspired by? Jacque Mus, Celine, Marni

How did you get in to jewellery design? It happened organically when I traveled across Africa, Asia and the Middle East and was inspired by the items I found along the way. After my return to South Africa, I started to experiment with ropes and other materials and that's when PICHULIK was born.

What does the future for PICHULIK hold? In 2018 we are focusing on our presence in international territories, as well as further providing meaningful engagements and content for our community of women.

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